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In Hong Kong, up to 61.5% of 12 years old children are myopic.

Myopia may keep progressing without proper interventions.

High myopia increases the risks of eye diseases.

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”If my children develop myopia, what can be done to protect their eyesight from worsening? Learn about good vision and health eyes!”

This website provides information on how to prevent and control myopia. Let’s help our children to have healthy eyes!

Causes of Myopia?

What is myopia?

Myopia (aka shortsightedness) is caused by elongated eyeball length (aka axial length) and/or crystalline lens, resulting in blurry distance vision.

How to prevent eyesight from getting worse?

Myopia control starts with wearing appropriate prescription. Vision first needs to be properly corrected before managing myopia progression.

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Which myopia control options should we consider when myopia progresses?

Currently, there are many myopia control options available to manage myopia progression.

How to Control Myopia?

Myopia Control Methods

Specialty Spectacle Lenses




Main Causes of Myopia

Genetic Factor

Age Factor

Near Work vs
Outdoor Time

Hong Kong Environmental Factor

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Why do we need to control myopia?

Myopia progression increases the risk of vision loss through sight threatening eye diseases.

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Impact of Myopia

Myopia can impact many aspects of life including academic performance, financial cost factors and quality of life.


Improper spectacle prescription and/or under-corrected vision may lead to poor vision subsequently affecting academic performance and emotional development.

Financial Aspect

Myopia progression may cause substantial expenses (spectacle prescription, myopia control treatments, medical fees for ocular diseases, etc) and reduce productivity.

Quality of Life

Quality of life will be reduced with loss of vision from myopia progression.

Tips for Better Eyes

Keep good habits to control myopia progression!

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Myopia Short Story

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Myopia Short Story