Character Stories

Sister and little brother go to the eye clinic with their mother to have their eyesight checked.
He looked too closely on his smartphone in the waiting room while sister was doing an eye test…

The result is that both of them were losing vision!
However sister hated wearing glasses because they are obstacles when she plays sports and are not fashionable.
The optometrist asks them to come to the examination room.

Q:   “What can I do to prevent further loss of vision?

It’s explanation time.

She advises them about how to protect their eyes. The optometrist talks to the little brother about dangers of overworking his eyes and the importance of giving them a rest.
To sister, the optometrist suggested contact options and also told about the choices of fashionable glasses too. (she has an eyeglass closet).

She hopes both of them will develop habits that help to prevent their eyesight from gettIng further worse.
The optometrist likes sweets and she always has a lollipop in her pocket.
She camouflaged a lollipop with an eye shield for not going to find out by the professor.
She sometimes makes the mistake of picking a lollipop up for an eye shield.


8 years old, myopia

His eyes are sometimes sleepy and
he yawns a lot.
He tries hard to learn the habit of taking care of his eyes in order to get praise from his optometrist sister.
In fact, he wants to play games all day!


28 years old, myopia, astigmatism

She loves sweets and always has a candy bar in her pocket, but she is careful not to eat too much sugar as it is bad for her eyes.
She is a collector of glasses and has a closet just for them.
She enjoys teaching children about the eyes.
She goes into geek mode when she shares her knowledge about eyes.


12 years old, myopia

Active girl in the tennis club.
She has recently bought contacts and would like to wear coloured contacts one day.
Her optometrist sister has a lot of glasses, so she is interested in the fashion of glasses.