Q1 What is myopia?

Q: What is myopia?
A: This means that nearby objects appear to be clear, while distant objects appear to be blurred. It is thought to be caused by a longer-than-normal length of the "ocular axis," which is the length of the eyeball, or a stronger refractive power of the lens or cornea.

Q2 What should I when my eyesight is getting worse?

Q:  My eyesight is getting worse! What should I do now?
A: 可以開始配戴近視眼鏡來矯正視力。 還有,要注意預防近視加深!要快點約見眼科視光師詳細檢查眼睛。近視在兒童中很常見,我們可以採取預防措施防止近視加深。 

問題3 如我患有近視,甚麼度數要開始矯正視力?

Q: 如我患有近視,甚麼度數要開始矯正視力?
A: 如近視有75度或以上,便需要矯正視力! 

問題4 如我患有近視,甚麼度數要開始矯正視力

Q: What can I do to prevent further loss of vision?

Let's review our lifestyle habits to hinder the progression of myopia.
Don't read within 20cm of your eyes.
Don't read continuously for more than 45 minutes.
If you keep looking at the same place up close, change the perspective that you have fixed there.
Turn on the lights indoors instead of working in the dark, and use natural light as much as possible during the day.

Let's try to do these things.

問題5 近視是否來自父母的?

Q: If myopia is genetic, do I have to give up on my vision getting worse?
A: That's not true. You can't reverse the degree of myopia but you can reduce the myopia progression! By reducing the degree of myopia, you can reduce the risks of eye diseases.

問題6 遺傳因素會否比環境因素影響更大?

Q: My brother plays too many smartphone games! Is that why his eyesight is not good?
A: There's more than one cause including parents genetics, age of myopia onset and environmental factors. Age of myopia onset has a greater influence on whether or not a child will become myopic than environmental factors. If kids are myopic at an earlier age, they will have higher risk to progress and their power tends to increase more rapidly.

問題7 近視控制的重要性是甚麼?

Q:   I don't care if my eyes get worse, I want to play games, can’t I?
A: Overworking your eyes not only reduces your eyesight, but also increases your risk of various diseases such as detached retinas, cataracts, glaucoma and even blindness!

問題8 我是否真的需要眼鏡或隱形眼鏡?

Q:   I'm nearsighted and can still read far away text if I squint, do I need glasses or contacts?
A: If you are pushing yourself to look with your eyes by trying to see too much, you are more likely to develop myopia. It is also not good to keep wearing the wrong vision correction glasses.
Therefore, it is necessary to have proper vision correction and treatment
whenever you feel difficulty in seeing or eye fatigue.

問題9 有多少種近視控制方法我可以選擇?

Q:   Which is better for vision correction, glasses, contacts or atropine?
A: You can use whatever works best for you. Sometimes glasses, sometimes contacts, and sometimes low-dose atropine eye drops can be used.

問題10 如何處理兒童近視加深的情況?

Q: My children are still in elementary school, but their eyesights are not good. I worry about their future. Are they going to be okay?
A: Myopia progresses at a young age and there are many ways to control myopia progression nowadays. As long as you apply with the proper control as recommended by your optometrist, it basically will not be a big problem.


Q: 若子女有近視,是否一定要戴眼鏡?幾多度近視才須要戴? 會否越戴越深?
A: 近視有75度或以上便應戴眼鏡糾正視力,否則視力模糊會影響日常生活及學習,亦會加劇近視加深的速度。
Q: 眼鏡會否越戴越深?
A: 近視加深主要受遺傳與環境因素影響。環境因素包括長時間近距離閲讀、光線不足、缺乏戶外時間等,但不會因單單戴眼鏡而導致近視加深。
Q: 眼鏡應該長期佩戴嗎?子女應否上課時才戴眼鏡?
A: 經眼科視光師檢查後,若需要為子女處方眼鏡以糾正視力,便須要經常戴上,以免影響日常視力。現時沒有証據顯示長期戴眼鏡會導致近視增長速度加快。
Q: 為子女配近視眼鏡應該 “配足”度數嗎?”配到足” 會否令近視加深?
A: 將眼鏡度數 ”配足”不會影響近視加深速度。研究指出若刻意將近視眼鏡度數調低75度,近視加深速度反而會加快。
Q: 父母都沒有近視,又或者父母都是長大後才有近視,為什麼子女那麼早便患上近視?
A: 兒童近視成因除了遺傳因素,亦與環境因素有莫大關係,包括過早使用電子產品、不良閲讀習慣、缺乏日間戶外時間等。
Q: 多看綠色景物有助預防近視嗎?
A: 沒有証據顯示多看綠色景物有助預防近視,但有大量研究証實增加日間戶外時間,有助兒童減低患近視的風險。
Q:  坊間流傳做眼操可以預防甚至控制近視,可行嗎?
A: 眼操或許有助舒緩眼睛附近的肌肉疲勞,或鍛鍊眼球活動能力,但沒有証據可以預防或控制近視。