Parents’ FAQ

When children become myopic, do they need to wear glasses? What degrees of myopia requires glasses?

Children should start wearing corrective glasses when myopia is 0.75D or more. Otherwise, blurry distance vison will not only affect their daily life and schooling, but it also aggravates myopia progression.

Will myopia worsen after wearing corrective glasses?

Wearing corrective glasses ensure good vision for activities of daily living. Myopia progression is associated with many factors including genetic and environmental factors such as prolonged near reading, insufficient lighting, lack of outdoor activities and etc. Myopia will not worsen just by wearing glasses.

Do glasses need to be worn all the time? Can children wear the glasses just during at school?

Glasses are generally prescribed to be worn all day to ensure good vision. After the eye examination, your optometrist will advise your child accordingly.

Does my child need to fully correct his/her myopia? Will a full prescription make myopia worse?

A full spectacles prescription does not increase myopia but ensure good vision. Research studies showed a higher rate of myopia progression with 0.75D of under-correction. However, optometrist sometimes prescribes an adjusted prescription depending on the child’s eye condition, degree of myopia, adaptation problems and other circumstances. It is generally not recommended to under correct myopia more than 0.50D.

Why do children still develop myopia in early childhood if both parents are not myopic, or only have adulthood myopia?

Apart from the genetic factors, the causes of myopia in children include environmental factors such as use of electronic devices in younger age, close reading habits, lack of outdoor activities and others.

Can frequent viewing of green scenery help prevent myopia?

There is no evidence that viewing of green scenery can prevent myopia. However, numerous studies have indicated that outdoor activities during daytime can help reduce the risk of myopia in children.

It is rumored that doing eye exercises can prevent or even control myopia... Does it really work?

Eye exercises may help relieve muscle fatigue near the eyes or promote eyeball movement, but there is no evidence that exercises can prevent or control myopia.